Hi, my name is Anil Seervi
I Like to design stuff with code.

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I am a self-taught Web Developer specializing in Design and Front-End Development.

I'm passionate about technology and enjoy nothing more than learning the new trends and implementing the bleeding edge tech in web development to make UX and DX better.

I'm mostly active on GitHub doing some Open-Sourcery stuff, so come check me out there!

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A Modern Portfolio Template for Developers.

It's a fully responsive Portfolio template with thoroughly documented setup to get you up and running with your own Portfolio Website.


Personal Blog site built with Gatsby.js rendering markdown files as blog posts with RSS and PWA support.

Leave a comment using your GitHub account if you find any blog post helpful.


Futuristic-UI Weather forecast App with weather-dynamic background animations.

Features City search using Mapbox API, Weather Report from OpenWeatherMap API and geolocation forecast with geolocation API.

QP Hoard

A Web App that hoards previous year question papers for undergrads of BBA, BCA and BCom.

Full-fledged PWA developed using React and Material-UI. Features routing, dynamic dark/light display modes and offline working capabilities through service workers API.


A Fully Customizable Pomodoro Timer App to boost your Productivity.

Hourglass concept design timer that let's you boost your productivity using the pomodoro technique.

Recipes Counter

A Full-Stack Recipes logger Application.

Recipes Counter is also a PWA that lets its users log food recipes for others to use. It features authentication using email and password, CRUD operations and also works offline by caching(service-workers API).


An NPM package that provides you with random inspirational quote.

Get inspired by using the package in your project to get a random quote or the whole list of quotes.


A cute site like linktree with all my social links.

I was intrigued by the simplicity of linktree and wanted to make my own so here it is.


A Neumorphism Design Working Keyboard.

It's a fully Working Neumorphism Design Keyboard available in both light and dark mode.

Gradient Generator

A website for generating desired gradients.

You can generate both linear and radial gradients upto 3 colors on this website.


A Neumorphism Design Digital Clock Website.

A Digital Clock Website with 12-hour and 24-hour display format in both light and dark mode.


A Neumorphism Design Analog Clock Website.

A Analog Clock Website developed using HTML5, CSS3 and VanillaJS, available in both light and dark mode.


A Simple Portfolio website of mine.

I've used only HTML5 and CSS3 for this website. It has some cool animation effects for hovers.


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